Tenant referencing is faster with Lettingref

Agents and landlords must make informed decisions when it comes to selecting suitable tenants. A renter with a poor rental history or credit background can be costly for property owners. The issue is that tenant referencing is often time consuming, and time is money. It’s different when you use Lettingref.

Lettingref makes tenant screening and background checks easy and fast.

Lettingref is a secure online tenant referencing and credit checking system that allows you to quickly and easily carry out credit checks and letting references on prospective tenants and guarantors.

Everything you need to know to choose the right tenant for your property is in one easy-to-use system.

When you use Lettingref, you get:

  • tenancy references
  • credit checks
  • affordability ratings
  • guarantor credit checks
  • and much more…

Thousands of agents and landlords across the UK use our tenant screening service.


Lettingref saves you time and money

A recent survey revealed 100% of users agreed that Lettingref saved them time from the traditional tenant referencing methods.